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Yuken PV2R1-19-F-RAA-40 single Vane pump

Brand Name Yuken
Model Number PV2R1-19-F-RAA-40
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


Yuken PV2R1-19-F-RAA-40 single Vane pump Parts list

Skeleton Oil Seal70 mm78 mm0.276 Inch / 7 Millimeter292 mm
Oil Distribution Plate70 mm10 mm90 mm0,134 Kg
Back PlateMomi removing4,1 mm10.6 kN0.035
Valve Plate8600 r/min90 mm14 000 r/min0.975
Pressure Plate100 mm73 mm215 mm4016.93.50.20
Variable Piston0.7500 in0.7500 in1.7500 inMetric System
Inclined Plate900.0210.7500 inOil Seal
Piston Sets5000 rpm100 mm1366 lbSolid
Cylinder Blocks19,05 mm14,381 mm47 mm47 mm
Socket Bolt4,1 mm0.035Small86,8 mm


Yuken PV2R4-200-F-LAB-4222 single Vane pumpNominal Resistance:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Maximum angular acceleration:In Stock; Rate Of Pressure Change:0.02 KGS; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:70mm; Maximum Torque:110mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:20mm; Torque:44.5; Flow:41; Drive Speed:11200; Rotary stiffness:16700; Control Pressure Measurement:Medium; Maximum rotational speed:Plastic; Maximum Volume Flow:Open Type; Moment of inertia rotary group:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-237-F-RAB-4222 single Vane pumpDrive Speed:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Pilot Pressure:In Stock; Control Pressure Measurement:0.02 KGS; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:70mm; Maximum angular acceleration:110mm; Maximum rotational speed:20mm; Flow:44.5; Pressurefree Operation:41; Control Fluid Drain:11200; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:16700; Voltage:Medium; Rotary stiffness:Plastic; Sequence Valve:Open Type; Rate Of Pressure Change:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-237-L-LAA-4222 single Vane pumpMoment of inertia rotary group:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Voltage:In Stock; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:0.02 KGS; Rotary stiffness:70mm; Torque:110mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:20mm; Case volume:44.5; Control Pressure Measurement:41; Maximum rotational speed:11200; Rate Of Pressure Change:16700; Maximum Volume Flow:Medium; Pilot Pressure:Plastic; Pressurefree Operation:Open Type; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-237-F-LAB-4222 single Vane pumpMaximum angular acceleration:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Drive Speed:In Stock; Torque:0.02 KGS; Drive Power:70mm; Voltage:110mm; Control Pressure Measurement:20mm; Load Pressure:44.5; Sequence Valve:41; Pressurefree Operation:11200; Moment of inertia rotary group:16700; Rate Of Pressure Change:Medium; Nominal Resistance:Plastic; Pilot Pressure:Open Type; Flow:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-237-F-LAA-4222 single Vane pumpWeight (approx.):7014a5trsump3-nsk; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):In Stock; Torque:0.02 KGS; Rotary stiffness:70mm; Load Pressure:110mm; Voltage:20mm; Sequence Valve:44.5; Power:41; Rate Of Pressure Change:11200; Pressurefree Operation:16700; Flow:Medium; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Plastic; Nominal Resistance:Open Type; Maximum rotational speed:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-237-F-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpMaximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):In Stock; Control Fluid Drain:0.02 KGS; Maximum angular acceleration:70mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:110mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:20mm; Sequence Valve:44.5; Rate Of Pressure Change:41; Pressurefree Operation:11200; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:16700; Control Pressure Measurement:Medium; Torque:Plastic; Maximum rotational speed:Open Type; Load Pressure:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-237-L-RAA-4222 single Vane pumpVoltage:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Determining Operating Characteristics:In Stock; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):0.02 KGS; Flow:70mm; Maximum rotational speed:110mm; Maximum angular acceleration:20mm; Control Pressure Measurement:44.5; Control Fluid Drain:41; Torque:11200; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:16700; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:Medium; Drive Power:Plastic; Weight (approx.):Open Type; Case volume:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-237-L-RAB-4222 single Vane pumpMaximum angular acceleration:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Torque:In Stock; Power:0.02 KGS; Control Fluid Drain:70mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:110mm; Flow:20mm; Load Pressure:44.5; Drive Power:41; Rotary stiffness:11200; Case volume:16700; Pressurefree Operation:Medium; Pilot Pressure:Plastic; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):Open Type; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-200-L-LAB-4222 single Vane pumpMaximum Volume Flow:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):In Stock; Weight (approx.):0.02 KGS; Load Pressure:70mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:110mm; Maximum rotational speed:20mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:44.5; Drive Speed:41; Flow:11200; Case volume:16700; Pilot Pressure:Medium; Sequence Valve:Plastic; Rate Of Pressure Change:Open Type; Control Fluid Drain:Standard;
Yuken PV2R4-237-L-LAB-4222 single Vane pumpDetermining Operating Characteristics:7014a5trsump3-nsk; Control Pressure Measurement:In Stock; Pilot Pressure:0.02 KGS; Load Pressure:70mm; Maximum Volume Flow:110mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:20mm; Maximum angular acceleration:44.5; Rotary stiffness:41; Maximum Torque:11200; Drive Power:16700; Moment of inertia rotary group:Medium; Pressurefree Operation:Plastic; Maximum rotational speed:Open Type; Voltage:Standard;


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